//İNGİLİZCE SORU BANKASI DÜZEY 1 //Choose the best word or phrase to fill the gap. (?)1 Hello Mustafa, ------------? I'm very well, thank you.. a) How do you? b) How are you c) How you are? d) How is it? *b

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    //Choose the best word or phrase to fill the gap.

    (?)1 Hello Mustafa, ------------? I'm very well, thank you..
    a) How do you?
    b) How are you
    c) How you are?
    d) How is it?

    (?)2 What's ------- name? Jane Edwards.
    a) you
    b) your
    c) yours
    d) you're

    (?)3 How old are you? --------------------
    a) I twenty.
    b) Me is twenty.
    c) I've twenty
    d) I'm twenty.

    (?)4 Is this your book? -------------------
    a) No, it isn't.
    b) No, isn't it.
    c) No, he isn't.
    d) No, there isn't.

    (?)5 Where is Anna from? ----------- from Rome.
    a) It is
    b) Her is
    c) He is
    d) She is

    (?)6 ---------- is your address?
    12, Sundown Street, Bristol.
    a) How
    b) Who
    c) What
    d) That

    (?)7 --------- name is John Smith.
    a) His
    b) He's
    c) He
    d) Her

    (?)8 Sam ---------- a doctor, he's a teacher at the university.
    a) aren't
    b) isn't
    c) not
    d) doesn't

    (?)9 Here are Juan and Mercedes. ------- are from Valencia in Spain.
    a) They
    b) Their
    c) Them
    d) This

    (?)10 Have you got a computer? Yes, -----------
    a) I got.
    b) I've got.
    c) I've.
    d) I have.

    (?)11 -------- two hundred students in my school.
    a) They are
    b) It is
    c) There are
    d) There is

    (?)12 Do you live in Munich? Yes, ---------------
    a) I live.
    b) I don't.
    c) I do live.
    d) I do.

    (?)13 Is that --------- car? No, it isn't.
    a) they
    b) their
    c) there
    d) they're

    (?)14 ---------- is this blue bag? It's £5.50.
    a) Where
    b) How big
    c) How much
    d) What

    (?)15 What's her job? She's ----------.
    a) a actress
    b) actress
    c) the actress
    d) an actress

    (?)16 --------- your car? It's in the car park.
    a) Which is
    b) Who's
    c) When's
    d) Where's

    (?)17 --------- bag is this? It's mine.
    a) Whose
    b) What's
    c) Who's
    d) Who

    (?)18 --------- only three chairs in my room.
    a) They are
    b) There are
    c) There is
    d) It is

    (?)19 She ----------- a house in the town centre.
    a) got
    b) have got
    c) has got
    d) is got

    (?)20 ----------- brothers have you got? Only one.
    a) How much
    b) How old
    c) How are
    d) How many

    (?)21 Is there any food left? -------------
    a) No, there isn't .
    b) Yes, there is any.
    c) Yes, they is.
    d) No, there aren't.

    (?)22 My favourite painters are Manet and Renoir but John doesn't like -------- at all.
    a) they
    b) them
    c) it
    d) some

    (?)23 There aren't ---------- people here today.
    a) many
    b) a lot
    c) much
    d) the many

    (?)24 We haven't got ----------- .
    a) some children
    b) any children
    c) a children
    d) one children

    (?)25 Do you speak Japanese? No, I ---------.
    a) don't speak
    b) not
    c) speak not
    d) don't

    (?)26 What does he do? --------------.
    a) He's teacher
    b) He's a teacher.
    c) He's teaching.
    d) Yes, he does.

    (?)27 He ---------- in an office every morning from eight to twelve.
    a) working
    b) works
    c) work
    d) am working

    (?)28 Do you like -----------? Yes, I do.
    a) to shop
    b) shop
    c) to shopping
    d) shopping

    (?)29 I go -------- school in Vienna.
    a) at
    b) to &
    c) in
    d) on

    (?)30 We have lunch --------- one o'clock.
    a) at
    b) to
    c) in
    d) on

    (?)31 She works ----------- Saturday.
    a) at
    b) to
    c) in
    d) on

    (?)32 I stay at home --------- the morning.
    a) at
    b) to
    c) in
    d) on

    (?)33 How do you get to work? ------------
    a) By car.
    b) In car.
    c) By the car.
    d) On car.

    (?)34 Do you like classical music? -------------
    a) Yes, I likes.
    b) Yes, I like.
    c) Yes, I does.
    d) Yes, I do .

    (?)35 Where is Mary? She ----------- over there.
    a) is stand
    b) is standing
    c) stand
    d) standing

    (?)36 I'm hungry. -------- something to eat, please.
    a) I like
    b) I'd want
    c) I'd like
    d) I'm like

    (?)37 He ---------- born in 1963 in Spain.
    a) had
    b) is
    c) was
    d) did

    (?)38 Switzerland is ------------ than Britain.
    a) as small
    b) smallest
    c) more small
    d) smaller

    (?)39 Motor racing is the ------- sport in the world.
    a) most expensive
    b) expensivest
    c) more expensive
    d) as expensive

    (?)40 He passed his English exam very ------------.
    a) easy
    b) easier
    c) good
    d) easily

    (?)41 When -------- you go to the USA? Last year.
    a) did &
    b) was
    c) went
    d) have

    (?)42 Did she stay with friends? -----------
    a) No, she didn't .
    b) No, she didn't stay
    c) No,she didn't stayed.
    d)No, she stayed not.

    (?)43 She's never ---------- to New York.
    a) gone
    b) was
    c) been
    d) went

    (?)44 I haven't got any money. Never mind. ----------- some from the bank.
    a) I'll get
    b) I'm getting
    c) I get
    d) I'd get

    (?)45 ------------- you ever visited London?
    a) Did
    b) Do
    c) Were
    d) Have

    (?)46 He's learning ----------- a lorry.
    a) to drive
    b) driving
    c) drive
    d) the driving

    (?)47 I can't stand ----------- in hot weather.
    a) to walk
    b) walking
    c) walk
    d) to walking

    (?)48 He smokes more than ten cigarettes --------.
    a) by day
    b) the day
    c) in day
    d) a day

    (?)49 Let's go somewhere else. There's ---------- noise in this room.
    a) too many
    b) too much
    c) enough
    d) too

    (?)50 It's a very long way for Jack. He doesn't get home from school ---------- six o'clock.
    a) since
    b) to
    c) towards
    d) until
    (?)50 It's a very long way for Jack. He doesn't get home from school ---------- six o'clock.
    a) since
    b) to
    c) towards
    d) until

    (?)51 They usually --------- at home but today they --------- lunch in a restaurant.
    a) are eating, have
    b) eat, have
    c) are eating, are having
    d) eat, are having

    (?)52 We didn't stay late ------ we were very tired.
    a) because
    b) so
    c) that
    d) until

    (?)53 I think most people ---------- English for their jobs in the the future.
    a) need
    b) are needing
    c) will need
    d) will have needed

    (?)54 Teenagers today like wearing casual clothes so leather shoes aren't -------- trainers.
    a) as fashionable than
    b) as fashionable as
    c) more fashionable as
    d) fashionable

    (?)55 A friend of ---------- phoned this morning but ---------- didn't leave a message.
    a) you, she
    b) you, her
    c) yours, she
    d) yourself, hers

    (?)56 We ------------ lunch when the phone ---------.
    a) had, rang
    b) were having, rang
    c) were having, was ringing
    d) had, has rung

    (?)57 You -------------- open the door before the train gets into the station. It's very dangerous.
    a) must
    b) mustn't
    c) should
    d) don't have to

    (?)58 If you don't want to burn youself you -------- lie in the sun all day.
    a) won't
    b) don't
    c) shouldn't
    d) couldn't

    (?)59 If I have enough money next year, I ---------- to the USA.
    a) will go
    b) go
    c) would go
    d) went

    (?)60 It's usually quite warm in September -------- it often rains, --------- bring a waterproof.
    a) but, so
    b) so, because
    c) unless, but
    d) for, as

    (?)61 ----------- she likes coffee, she prefers tea.
    a) However
    b) Although
    c) But
    d) When

    (?)62 --------------------- for the bus, a man with a gun ran out of the bank opposite us.
    a) As we were waiting
    b)When we waited
    c) As soon as we waited
    d) Until we waited

    (?)63 It's the best film ------------- . You should go and see it.
    a) I ever saw
    b) I've ever seen
    c) I've never seen
    d) I've already seen

    (?)64 They went to Australia ---------- a month --------- summer.
    a) during, the
    b) for, during
    c) for, last
    d) last, during

    (?)65 I don't think life ---------- better in the future.
    a) would be
    b) will be
    c) be
    d) is

    (?)66 I haven't heard from Jane for ages. I wonder ----------.
    a) what she like
    b) how is she
    c) how she is
    d) how does she

    (?)67 We're not paying a builder to mend the fireplace.
    We've decided to do it -----------.
    a) us
    b) ourselves

    (?)68 I always take an umbrella ----------- it rains.
    a) however
    b) despite
    c) in case
    d) as

    (?)69 We ------------ go out to a restaurant during the week because when we get home from work we're too tired.
    a) nearly never
    b) hardly never
    c) hardly ever
    d) ever

    (?)70 That sofa ---------- comfortable. Can I try it?
    a) looks
    b) looks like
    c) is like
    d) like

    (?)71 I ------------ be late for work this morning. I've got a lot to do before midday.
    a) don't have to
    b) couldn't
    c) don't
    d) mustn't

    (?)72 They've lived in that house ---------- they were children.
    a) for
    b) during
    c) since
    d) until

    (?)73 We ----------- to the house before we can move in.
    a) needs be doing a lot
    b) needs done a lot
    c) needs doing a lot
    d)We need to do a lot
    * c

    (?)74 I'll get an electrician ---------- the heating.
    a) mend
    b) to mend
    c) for mending
    d) mending

    (?)75 You ----------- come with us if you don't want to.
    a) must
    b) haven't to
    c) aren't supposed to
    d) don't have to

    (?)76 When he arrived a crowd -------------- for several hours to greet him.
    a) had been waiting
    b) is waiting
    c) has been waiting
    d) was waiting

    (?)77 She's just bought a brand new car so she ---------- be able to drive.
    a) can't
    b) must
    c) won't
    d) probably

    (?)78 You ---------- show your passport at the frontier if you want to get across.
    a) have to
    b) are supposed to
    c) should
    d) are allowed to
    (?)79 ------------- she was an hour late, she didn't apologise.
    a) In spite of
    b) Even though
    c) However
    d) Because

    (?)80 They don't like him at all. He treats them ---------- they were children.
    a) as if
    b) if only
    c) in case
    d) although

    (?)81 I feel fine this morning but I .......very tired last night.
    a) was
    b) is
    c) am
    d) were

    (?)82 It was hot in the room, so I.............the window.
    a) open
    b) am opening
    c) opened
    d) opens

    (?)83 ..........you ............TV last night?
    a) Do/watch
    b) Does/watch
    c) Did/watch
    d) was/watching

    (?)84 Carol ............ her arm last week.
    a)was breaking
    b) broke
    c) breaks
    d) is breaking

    (?)85 I ...............my passport. I can't find it.
    a) have lost
    b) was losing
    c) had lost
    d) were lost

    (?)86 A : Are Diana and Paul here?
    B : No, they ......... ...........yet.
    a) has arrived
    b) were arrived
    c) have arrived
    d) haven't arrived

    (?)87 A:.........you ever .......to New York?
    B: Yes, twice.
    a) Has/been
    b) Have/been
    c) Have/be
    d) Were/been

    (?)88 My aunt has lived in Australia ...........15 years.
    a) since
    b) by
    c) until
    d) for

    (?)89 He........... to his teacher at the moment.
    a) is speaking
    b) speaks
    c) spoke
    d) speak

    (?)90 My dog always ................................ with me on the beach.
    a) run
    b) is running
    c) runs
    d) runned

    (?)91 We ................... to learn English last month.
    a) begin
    b) begins
    c) is beginning
    d) began

    (?)92 They bought a new t-shirt ,....................
    a) now
    b) every day
    c) last week
    d) tomorrow

    (?)93 You are eating an ice cream, ...................
    a) now
    b) everyday
    c) last week
    d) tomorrow

    (?)94 I’m going to ................ trees in this garden.
    a) make
    b) plant
    c) do
    d) give

    (?)95 The light’s green ..................................
    a) stop
    b) get up
    c) let’s go
    d) wait

    (?)96 My hair is wet . I......................it.
    a) have just washed
    b)haven't just wash
    c) had just washed
    d) has just washed

    (?)97 We .....................to a concert this evening.
    a) go
    b) are going
    c) went
    d) are gone

    (?)98 She ...............some books tomorrow.(buy)
    a) is buying
    b) has bought
    c) is bought
    d) buys

    (?)99 I had a party last week, but Paul and Jenny ................
    a) won't come
    b) couldn't come
    c) can't come
    d) may not come

    (?)100 We .............go to the bank today. We haven't got any money.
    a) could
    b) can
    c) would
    d) must
    (?)101 Mary .....very hard. She's got an easy job.
    a) has to work
    b) don't have to work
    c) doesn't have to work
    d) will work

    (?)102 A:..................a chocolate?
    B: Yes . Please.
    a) Would you like
    b) Do you like
    c) Could you like
    d) Can you like

    (?)103 This restaurant is very quiet. There..........many people here.
    a) isn't
    b) are
    c) weren't
    d) aren't

    (?)104 Kate lives in London but her parents..........
    a) doesn't
    b) do
    c) don't
    d) are

    (?)105 Where ........you want to go?
    a) does
    b) do
    c) have
    d) will

    (?)106 Who..........in this house ?
    a)does live
    b) did live
    c) lives
    d) does lives

    (?)107 ............colour do you prefer, pink or yellow?
    b) which
    c) how
    d) why

    (?)108 Can you tell me what................?
    a) is time
    b) time be
    c) time is it
    d) time it is

    (?)109 Do you enjoy...............other countries?
    a) to visit
    b) visiting
    c) visits
    d) to be visited

    (?)110 I want you................carefully.
    a) to listen
    b) listening
    c) listened
    d) listen

    (?)111 Robert wants to go to university ............. economics.
    a) studying
    b) studied
    c) to study
    d) studies

    (?)112 Martin is going ........holiday...........Italy next week.
    a) on/to
    b) to/to
    c) to/on
    d) to/in

    (?)113 I made a stupid mistake. I got..........the wrong train.
    a) to
    b) in
    c) on
    d) off

    (?)114 Why do you always ..........the same mistake?
    a) do
    b) made
    c) done
    d) make

    (?)115 They want to see.........,but she doesn't want to see ...........
    a) her/they
    b) them/her
    c) her/their
    d) her/them

    (?)116 Mr and Mrs Baker live in London. ........ son lives in Australia.
    a) His
    b) Their
    c) Her
    d) Theirs

    (?)117 That's not ......... umbrella. ........is black.
    a) yours/Your
    b) my/Me
    c) my/Mine
    d) her/ Her

    (?)118 My friends had a nice time in London. They enjoyed ............. .
    a) themself
    b) their
    c) themselves
    d) theirs

    (?)119 The post office is ------------------- the bank and the library.
    a) over

    (?)120 This is Robert’s brother. I like ------------
    a) them

    (?)121 Where ------------- you last Saturday ?

    (?)122 There is a big wooden table ------------------ of the kitchen.
    a)on the front
    b)in back
    d)in the middle

    (?)123 “-----------------money have you got ?” “5 dollars.”
    a)How much
    b)How many
    c)What time
    d)How old

    (?)124 Where are ------------ from ?
    a)the boys
    b)the girl
    c)the child
    d)the teacher

    (?)125 Mrs. Jason -------------- in a shop . She is a sales person.
    a)is working

    (?)126 Turkey football team was -------- than Brazil football team at the pre-world cup elimination.
    a) more successful
    b) successfuller
    c) the most successful
    d) much successful

    (?)127 Every day when I arrive at home, I see my sister ------------ dinner.
    a) cooks
    b) is cooking
    c) cooked
    d) cooking

    (?)128 When I was at the age of 8, I ________ play the piano very well.
    a) can
    b) do
    c) did
    d) could

    (?)129 What ________ you like to drink, the hostess asked me.
    a) could
    b) would
    c) can
    d) does

    (?)130 Everybody _______ a good way of speaking English.
    a) has
    b) have
    c) do
    d) own

    //Aşagidaki 131-133 sorularda verilen cevabin uygun sorusunu bulunuz.

    (?)131 “I go to the cinema twice a week”
    a) How often do you go to the cinema?
    b) How do you go to the cinema?
    c) Where are you going now?
    d) What do you do in your free time?

    (?)132 “Black, no sugar please.”
    a) Could you pass the salt, please?
    b) How would you like your coffee?
    c) Would you like some more carrots?
    d) Could I have a glass of beer?

    (?)133 “No, of course not. We have a dishwasher.”
    a) Does anybody want more dessert?
    b) This is delicious. Can you give me the recipe?
    c) can you help me?
    d) Do you want help with the washing-up?

    //Aşagidaki 134-143 sorularda, paragrafta verilen boşluklari uygun seçeneklerle tamamlayiniz.

    (?)134 My name is Hans.
    I ------ a mechanic.

    (?)135 I--------- in London, together with my parents.

    (?)136 I --------- a brother and a sister. My sister is a university student.

    (?)137 She ------------- medicine. She is going to be a doctor.

    (?)138 My brother doesn’t want --------- to university
    d)to go

    (?)139----------- he wants to be a mechanic like me.

    (?)140 He comes and )--------- me in my shop on Sundays. He hasn’t finished his lycee education yet.
    c)is angry with
    d)shouts at

    (?)141-------------- lycee education ,
    c) after

    (?)142 he is thinking of ------------ with me.
    c)to work

    (?)143 We will -------- the business together.

    152-155. soruları, parağrafa gore cevaplandırınız.
    Last summer, we decided to spend our vacation at the beach because the weather was very hot in the mountains. The travel agent said that travelling by bus was the cheapest, but we went by plane because it was faster. We wanted to have more time to spend at the beach. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time.

    (?)152 We decided to go to the beach because..........
    a) it was cheaper than going to the mountains
    b)the travel agent said that it was the cheapest
    c)of the hot weather in the mountains
    d)we wanted to spend time at the beach

    (?)153 The bus was the ............ way to travel.
    a) best
    b) easiest

    (?)154 Travelling by plane was ............ than by bus.
    a) more fun
    b) cheaper
    c) expensive
    d) faster

    (?)155 We had very ........... weather during our vacation.
    a) good
    b) hot
    c) cold
    d) warm

    (?)156 Farklı olanı bulunuz.
    a) house
    b) eraser
    c) book
    d) pencil

    (?)157 Farklı olanı bulunuz.
    a) speak
    b) know
    c) spell
    d) little

    (?)158 Farklı olanı bulunuz.
    a) cloudy
    b) sunny
    c) weather
    d) windy

    (?)159 Farklı olanı bulunuz.
    a) poet
    b) classmate
    c) writer
    d) artist

    160-200. sorularda, boşluga uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz.
    (?)160 .............. did your father go last summer ?
    a) Who
    b) Where
    c) Which
    d) How much

    (?)161There is a ............................ on the floor.
    a) carpet
    b) curtain
    c) mirror
    d) wall

    (?)162 ...................... play the music loud , Ali.
    a) Didn’t
    b) Isn’t
    c) Wasn’t
    d) Don’t

    (?)163 You ................... wear make up at school.
    a) mustn’t
    b) can
    c) aren’t
    d) weren’t

    (?)164 I want to go to picnic but it ................... on my father.
    a) leads
    b) depends
    c) interviews
    d) members

    (?)165 They usually travel .......................... bus.
    a) on
    b) with
    c) of
    d) by

    (?)166 He goes to school ........................... foot.
    a) by
    b) on
    c) with
    d) at

    (?)167 I live in Konya but at the moment I ........................ in Çumra.
    a) stay
    b) stayed
    c) am staying
    d) stays

    (?)168 Have you got ......................... ice-cream.
    a) any
    b) some
    c) a
    d) an

    (?)169 My friends ............. a new car
    a) has got
    b) have got
    c) get
    d) are got

    (?)170 Banks ............. open on Sunday.
    a) don’t
    b) doesn’t
    c) not
    d) haven’t

    (?)171 I showed ............. the book.
    a) They
    b) them
    c) theirs
    d) their

    (?)172 He gave .............. a flower.
    a) I
    b) mine
    c) my
    d) me

    (?)173 12:45. It’s a quarter .............. one.
    a) from
    b) in
    c) to
    d) after

    174 Are you young or old ?
    a)I’m young and old
    b)I’m young or old
    c)I’m young
    d)I’m a student

    (?)175 He ____________ his leg in an accident last winter.
    b)has broken
    d)will break

    (?)176 __________ the musicians _________ a concert yesterday’?
    a)Do , give
    b)Did , gave
    c)Did , give
    d)Have , given

    (?)177 They ____________ to Istanbul by train. they returned by bus.
    a)have returned
    b)didn’t return
    c)will return
    d)didn’t arrive

    (?)178 What did you _______________ of the shirt’? I thought it was very expensive.

    (?)179 Jack ___ a book but he ___ a dictionary.
    a)has got , has got
    b)has got , have got
    c)has got , hasn’t got
    d)hasn’t got ,has got

    (?)180 ______ you _________ broken your leg’?
    a)Has , ever
    b)Have , never
    c)Did , ever
    d )Have , ever

    (?)181 Jane’s a fashion designer, but now she _____________ shoes.
    b)was selling
    c)is selling
    d)will sell

    (?)182 Muhlis gets up early but Muhlise ____.

    (?)183 This team is bad. They play ________.
    d)the best

    184 This book is mine, that book is _______

    185 When _________ you born?

    (?)186 What did Sema ____________ yesterday?

    (?)187 She is ____________ black Jacket today.
    c)is wearing

    (?)188 Don’t panic! She can do it ____________ .

    189 ________ she going to visit her friends?

    (?)190 What ______ she do? She’s an engineer.

    (?)191 Write your answers ____________ . It’s a very important exam.

    (?)192________ you like any help? Yes, please.

    (?)193 A: ______ made your bed yesterday?
    B: My mother did.

    194 Two years ____________ I visited Japan.

    (?)195 How ____ water do you drink every day?
    a)a lot

    (?)196 A: Where’s the nearest supermarket?
    B: Its ______________ the street.
    c)straight ahead

    (?)197 A: ____________ did you finish your homework yesterday?
    B: At about 12 p.m.

    (?)198 What does your mother do on Sundays ?
    a)She is cooking.
    b)She cooks.
    d)She is going to cook.
    c)She cook.

    (?)199 How often do you go to the cinema ?
    a)Once a week.
    b)two months
    c)in June
    d)at weekends

    (?)200 I always come to school ________ the morning.
    (?)201 Sue __ come to school today. She was ill.
    a) didn't
    b) not
    c) went
    d) did anyway

    (?) 202 A: Did you watch the football match?
    B: No, we ____.
    a) watch
    b) didn't
    c) did
    d) did also

    (?)203 How many _____ can you eat?
    a) cheese
    b) milk
    c) coffee
    d) apples

    (?)204 There's not much
    a) oranges
    b) orange juice
    c) onions
    d) eggs

    (?)205 My mother is very good ____ maths.
    a) to
    b) at
    c) any
    d) in

    (?)206 Has he ____ in Ankara for a long time?
    a) live
    b) stay
    c) living
    d) lived

    (?)207 How long ____ you lived together?
    a) do
    b) did
    c) has
    d) have

    (?)208 A: ____ did you go there?
    B: To watch a good film.
    a) When
    b) What
    c) Where
    d) Why

    (?)209 We're going out. Do you want to come with ____?
    a) we
    b) our
    c) us
    d) to shopping

    (?)210 She needs this book. Please give it to __.
    a) him
    b) her
    c) she
    d) hers

    (?)211 He lives with ____ parents.
    a) his
    b) he
    c) him
    d) hers

    (?)212 I've got two children and ______names are George and Jack.
    a) his
    b) their
    d) there

    (?)213 It's his problem, not ____.
    a) mine
    b) me

    (?)214 I know ___ but I can't remember __ name.
    a) she/her
    b) her/she
    c) her/her
    d) she/she

    (?)215 She can stay with ____ at __ house.
    a) we/us
    b) us/our
    c) us/ours
    d) our/us

    (?)216 There _______ nothing on TV.
    a) is
    b) are
    c) isn't
    d) aren't

    (?)217 A: Is this your pencil?
    B: No, it _______.
    a) was
    b) wasn't
    c) is
    d) isn't

    (?)218 A: ____ is this book?
    B: It is my book.
    a) What
    b) Whose
    c) Who
    d) Which

    (?)219 There is ____ apple on the table.
    a) a
    b) the
    c) some
    d) an

    (?)220 Richard is in class,?
    a) is he
    b) doesn't he
    c) does he
    d) isn't he

    (?)221 The men are working.Their..........are at home.
    a) wife
    b) husbands
    c) husband
    d) wives

    (?)222 She has ____ new coat on.
    a) hers
    b) her&
    c) she
    d) mine

    (?)223 He _____ ill since Monday.
    a) was
    b) has
    c) had
    d) has been

    (?)224 I am interested ____ music.
    a) at
    b) -
    c) about
    d) in

    (?)225 Ali and Eda's birthdays are ............... April 25th.
    a) in
    b) at
    c) on
    d) for

    (?)226 What time ____ the train arrive?
    a) is
    b) does
    c) do
    d) has

    (?)227_______ any messages for me?
    a) Is there
    b) Will there
    c) Are there
    d) Was there

    (?)228 Look! The cup is empty. There ........... nothing in it.
    a) is &
    b) will
    c) are
    d) can be

    (?)229 What day ____ it today?
    a) was
    b) were
    c) is
    d) are

    (?)230 What time _____ you meet her tomorrow?
    a) won't
    b) do
    d) don't

    (?)231 What colour ____ his eyes?
    a) do
    b) are
    c) is
    d) does

    (?)232 ____ is your favourite sport?
    a) Who
    b) What
    c) Where
    d) Why

    (?)233 ____ often do you go to the cinema?
    a) What
    b) How
    d) Why

    (?)234 It ____ all day long yesterday.
    a) was rained
    b) raining
    c) rained
    d) has rained

    (?)235 Who ____ America?
    a) discovers
    b) has discovered
    c) did discover
    d) discovered

    (?)236 When he ______ a baby, he cried a lot.
    a) was
    b) got
    c) were
    d) is

    (?)237 I am ____ these letters at the moment.
    a) type
    b) typing
    c) typed
    d) types

    (?)238__ you do any work before you came here?
    a) Did
    b) Do
    d) Can

    (?)239 Who ____ you see at the party?
    a) were
    b) are
    c) did
    d) have

    (?)240Joe worked in his ____ shop.
    a) father
    b) fathers'
    c) fathers
    d) father's

    (?)241 He closes his shop ___ 8 o'clock every evening.
    a) on
    b) at
    c) in
    d) for

    (?)242 A: How ____ it work?
    B: It works automatically.
    a) did
    b) do
    c) does
    d) is

    (?)243 It was very expensive ____ I didn't buy it.
    a) because
    b) and
    c) so
    d) but

    (?)244 The President went to Azerbaican ______ plane.
    a) with
    b) in

    (?)245 My sister is afraid ______ flying.
    a) at
    b) of
    c) with
    d) to

    (?)246 A: ____ did they return?
    B: They returned by bus.
    a) When
    b) Why
    c) Where
    d) How

    (?)247 How many _______ can you eat?
    a) milk
    b) cake
    c) apples
    d) cheese

    (?)248 The film ____ just begun.
    a) have
    b) did
    c) has
    d) had

    (?)249 How _______ money have you got?
    a) much
    b) few
    c) many
    d) any

    (?)250 He put on ______ coat and went out.
    a) him
    b) mine
    c) hers
    d) his

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